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it's everyone's idol, ramuda~! ♡ // only semi-active

Thursday Aug 12, 2021, 7:00 PM




Last online: 4-09-2024 1:37pm

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asmo/chaos/tav | he/it + neos | 17 | bi + trans | neurodivergent


a disclaimer: dni if you like dream/dream smp or harry potter. i don't care if you "don't support the bad creators/separate art from artist", non-problematic streamers still often interact with dream/other problematic streamers and rowling's transmisogyny and other harmful beliefs are clearly visible in her work. if i haven't accepted your friend request, you being a fan of either of these things is why.

  • pronouny @ antagonist for other pronouns
  • icon by @urano000 on twt/tumblr
  • main interests are hypmic, kemono jihen, cookie run, emo revival, internet history/old web, and entomology
  • dating vanilla [12.26.20], its username here is jyushi
  • dm for discord if you wanna be friends! (。oᆺ˂。)〜☆

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Worm On A String Cuff
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Gloomy Bear Choker
  • 1929
  • 6


Red & Black Perlers
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Angel Cuff
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  • 3

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