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honk honk

Tuesday Apr 20, 2021, 8:29 AM




Last online: 5-13-2021 9:10am
  • Gender: cheese and rice moony (he/it and any neos)
  • Yer Local Circus
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howdy there !

you can call me clown, goggles, core, honk, or anything else !!! i dont really have a preffered name, as long as it isnt something like ''samsung refrigerator'' then im fine w it !!!!

transmasc !!!! he/it/any neos for trans people n it/its/any neos for cis people +]

my messages r always open !!! i am a minor though so please nothing weird,,,

some of my interests r ENA, sanrio, vocaloid, fnf, clowns/jesters, omori, and i wanna get in2 danganronpa !!!

im not nd but tone tags are extremely helpful 4 me,,,, especially with sarcasm,,

i dont normally use a typing quirk but when i do i make sure 2 provide translations !!!!

dont be scared to friend request !!! i accept them all !!!!!!!

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