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update on the ds 999: i will have to play through the game 5 times because there is no flowchart system until vlr, but i do not care, its worth it

Friday Oct 15, 2021, 7:13 PM




Last online: 10-15-2021 9:19pm

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hi! i go by beetle, zero, paradox, or whatever you want to call me, and im a minor

i use they/he/it/moon/nine/mind/boo and any bug-related neopronouns, but the ones i use most are in my pronouny!

my main interests rn are zero escape, psychonauts, worlds end club, ace attorney, oc creation, cats, vocaloid, bugsnax, ptr/ujl, and a lot more!! if we share interests/you want me to rant about something, feel free to send me a message, im always down to do so!!

my discord's if you'd want to talk and prefer talking there! i'm not very good at holding conversations, but i'd still love to make some new friends :)

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