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Uhm. I like birds and robots, so BirdieByte is me!

Wednesday Mar 6, 2024, 9:42 AM




Last online: 5-23-2024 11:40am
  • Gender: Female ((Her/she) A chocolate brand!)
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Hello everyone! I am Gizmo, or Birdy, or whatever you'd like to call me! I'm wildly interested in Kandi, and am just brushing the surface! Feel free to chat with me, I'm sure we can be good friends! Also, feel free to let me know of any good cuffs I should make! (aka, I love making them, but have problems finding the patterns.)My interests include:

  • bright colors
  • Nintendo! (I have sold my soul at this point.)
  • Kirby, Mario, and Animal Crossing
  • pastel colors
  • Kandi! And candy!
  • Jfashion!
  • Kidcore
  • Carebears, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake


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