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No time for beading tonight, I'm too busy being an absolute sweat on Pikmin.

Saturday Mar 9, 2024, 9:58 PM




Last online: 6-10-2024 7:45am
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!! No reuploads to sites like Pinterest or Pixilart please !!

!! A lot of my Animal Crossing charms are unpublished and probably wont ever get published, please check the "other patterns" section before making a new request!!

Resident decora girl, call me Katty! (◕‿◕✿) #PLUR >‿‿◕ I take (and love!) requests, your wish is my command.

Things I like: toy collecting, beading, artsy fartsy activities in general, Homestuck, TF2, Nintendo games, Animal Jam, writing, old tech, j-fashion, My Little Pony, rave music, Penny Arcade, and lots of other fun things! My special interest since forever has been 90's-mid 2000's internet history with a particular love for forum and imageboard culture so if you like that sorta stuff plzzz talk 2 me o(╥﹏╥)o

Things I don't like: Nuffin', peace + love!

I go by Nanokatty on most platforms, but you can catch me tripcoding as Katty on various anon image boards for original content threads. I don't really use socials other than Instagram or Newgrounds aaaa, really just message boards.

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Haunter Shrine
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Failed Haunter Perler
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Photo Of My C**k
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Harold The Llama Circa Friday
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Eeveelution Perlers
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Met Sum Online  Friends
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Glitter Monster <3
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