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my bf>>>

Wednesday May 8, 2024, 8:34 PM




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☆ haiii :3 my namez r scotty n salem, im a creepy scemo zombievamp that luvz brainz<3 ☆


☆he/cloud/neon/zombie/rot/star/candy/pillz/ lollipop/gutz/bubblegum/grave/morphine/ rainbow/night/veinz/grey/gloom/brainz ☆

★ musicz i liek: my chemical romance, blink182, from first to last, tyler the creator, pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, system of a down, alesana, all american rejects, hole, nirvana, hawthorne heights, slipknot, limp bizkit, korn, millionaires, i set my friends on fire, brokencyde, dot dot curve, michael cera, rebzyyx, the young veins, panic at the disco (only the first 3 albumz), fall out boy, metro station, cute is what we aim for, green day, suicidal tendancies, descendents, linkin park, frank iero, car seat headrest, the cure, strawberry switchblade, london after midnight, deftones, murderdolls, weezer, radiohead, insane clown posse, get scared, the smiths, mitski, la dispute, bring me the horizon, taking back sunday, the used, underoath, a day to remember, etc ★

☆ other interestz: my chemical romance, teenage mutant ninja turtles, smosh, emo trinity (not in a cringe way i swear), breaking bad, sonic, spiderman, your favorite martian, my little pony, sanrio, invader zim, tyler the creator/odd future, scott pilgrim, ruby gloom, dan and phil, twilight, monster high, jersey shore, any michael cera movie, american psycho, skelanimals, emily the strange, lenore the cute little dead girl, adventure time, regular show etc idk ☆


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