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You were alwayz a painful delight - noah/twig

Sunday Feb 18, 2024, 9:40 PM




Last online: 3-18-2024 7:10am

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Zimply Plural: TheHazySystem


Noah/Twigz intro:

I'm juzt a zilly little nonhuman autiiztic being apart of a zyztem

s-z typing quirk (itz eazier for me, and itz upzetting if i dont) and all lowercaze tq (unlezz capital iz needed)

Current hyperfixation(z): ztanely parable, bungo ztray dogz

Intereztez: zally face, omori, fnaf pzychology, alt fazhion, zaiki k, zlime rancher, minecraft, the click, demon zlayer, dead plate, sweet home, bungo ztray dogz, gacha, creepypazta, zun and moon zhow, roleplay, arg, dhmiz, welcome home, etc.

Hobbiez: art, kandi, playing gamez, making friendz, going out zhopping (hot topic, zpencerz, etc), animating

Other: i am a furry and a therian/otherkin/fictionkin (theriotypez: midweztern wolf, zilver fox, and european zhorthair cat - (other)kintypez: zirenkin, faekin, cryptidkin, zeraphkin - (fiction)kin: i am kin with bloodmoon from the zun and moon zhow on yt), age regezzor, pet regrezzer I am alzo apart of a DID zyztem alzzo am a zilly little juggalo WHOOP WHOOP!

DNI: endoz, endo zupporterz, TERFZ, rad-femz, tranz-med, any zort of DDLG, DDLB, etc., Pedoz, zooz, necrophilez, Autizm zpeakz zupporterz, fake claimerz, bazic dni criteria


Blue's Intro:

HIHI! I'm a 17 transgirl, my pronouns are she/her! I LOVE making friends and talking to people onlineX3 my style is pastel goth and I really like hyperpop music! I love LaurenZside, OT, Slime Rancher, COD, art, kandi, trans memes:3 and i love cats! (dogs are also cool:3) I'm a bit eccentric, but I'm just having fun being myself! I want to get into roller derby and content creation!

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