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hi. me new.

Friday Sep 1, 2023, 4:29 PM




Last online: 10-23-2023 6:49pm
  • Gender: Demigirl (She/They/It)
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hi! I'm Some Wandom Noob, aka Wandom or SWN (I prefer SWN but call me Wandom if you want). I am bisexual (prefer women)! I am a minor, and has autism and adhd! If you are another adhd-fueled hyperbolitin, contact me. please. I am Triflux (I have three genders at a time that fluctuate in intensity, those being female, male, and non-binary) and go by She/they/it/he/ve pronouns!

craig_the_vampire aka Toby_kisser_3000 and his alts dni you know why


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