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"all i wanna do is get high by the beach, get high by the beach, get high!.." /lyrc ~~~ live, laugh, ƐLenore> ~~~ Douma plushie coming with me to school idec- ~~~ Nevermore was postponed to update until next Thursday(the 29th) jfjdhfjddj *cries* ~~~ YIPPEE I GET CHURROS IN SPANISH ON MONDAYYY ~~~ mommy Carmillaaaa ~~~ they took A Silent Voice off of Netflix :') ~~~ my mom is being meaner than normal & i havent done anything :( like i'll ask smth as simple as "what is that" & she'll get all snarky with her response, it makes me wanna cry ~~~ i feel like im not doing very well at being there for them thru this hard time theyre going thru & i feel bad bcuz im rlly trying :( ~~~ i kin Charlie :D

Friday Feb 23, 2024, 7:01 PM




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use tonetags regularly with me pls! ~

matching pfps & users w/ @Ange1s_P0is0n<333 aka my wife<333 ~

im a Satanist(u dont know the beliefs of it, look 'em up) ~

Im Estelle/Esmeray!!!♡ It/Its/They/Them/Xe/Xem/She/Her ~ Bisexual/Poly/Demiromantic/Demigirl ~ IM A MINOR!!! 15 y/o to be exact ~

fem compliments pls! ~

dONT- & i meant dONt- flirt w me unless ur Esther/Angel, i've known u since like 7th(3 yrs ago), &/or its PLATONIC ~

FAVE SONG(S) ATM: all the songs from Måneskin's album Rush! plus some other songs(& pretty much all Måneskin songs), Love Like Mine by Stela Cole, Loser Baby by Husk & Angel Dust, Poison by Angel Dust, Out For Love by Carmilla, More Than Anything by Lucifer & Charlie, You Didnt Know by Charlie, Emily, Sera, Lute, & Adam, She Likes a Boy by Nxdia, From The Start by Laufey, Valentine by Laufey, High By The Beach by Banshee ~

Married to Esther/Angel♡♡♡♡ ~ been w mi amor for 7 months ♡♡ they're so pretty, one of a kind, beautiful, & i just hHhshhfhVfY\(*⌒0⌒)♡ ~ im the moon to their sun ♡✹ ~ im the Poe to Esther's Ranpo, the Nikolai to Esther's Fyodor, the Dazai to their Chuuya, the Mitsuri to her Obanai, the Ozzie to Moth's Fizz, the Uzi to its N & the Husk to his Angel♡♡ ~

NICKNAMES: (for ONLY Esther) - Sweetie, Bby/Bbg, Love, Darling, Moonlight, My Pretty Girl (For anyone) Elle, Em, Emy, Ray, Pookie(just ask for this one & DONT call me "pookie wookie" /srs), Midget, Dwarf, Satan(my dad calls me Satan lmao), Devil, Demon ~

i absolutly LOVE hang down earrings, they're the best kinda earrings there is lol. i need moreeee ~ i also RLLY LOVE Demon Slayer & will find excuses to bring it up & talk abt it ~ also, if i see u like Demon Slayer, i will request to be ur friend! ~ my faves from Demon Slayer are(not in order) Mitsuri, Douma, Akaza, Shinobu, Tengen(his wives too ○| ̄|_), Gyutaro, Kokushibo, Muzan, Sabito, Muichiro, Sanemi, Genya, & Inosuke ~ Nevermore too, L-O-V-E it. TALK TO ME IF U LIKE IT!! my favorites r Lenore & Duke♡ ~ also Hazbin Hotel, my favorites r Angel Dust, Husk, Alastor, Lucifer, Carmilla, Emily, & Vox(not in order lol) ~

WATCHING...: Moriarty The Patriot(on ep 5), Grey's Anatomy(s15 ep 17), Akuma Kun(ep 8), Sweet Home(ep 2), Another(s1 ep1) ~

MY INTERESTS: FNaF, The Owl House, Supernatural, Helluva Boss, Hazbin Hotel, Kandi, Perlers, Roleplaying, Sanrio/Hello Kitty & Friends, MLP, Gacha, Creepypasta, BATIM, BATDR, i love making OCs(for anything), True Crime, Demon Slayer, The Case Study of Vanitas, Chainsaw Man, Blue Exorcist, Banana Fish, My Happy Marriage, High Rise Invasion, Black Butler, Yuri!!! on Ice!, The Amazing Digital Circus, Murder Drones, Howl's Moving Castle, Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens, Dead Plate, Death Parade, Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun (YES i like Hazbin & Helluva, NO i dont support Vivziepop) ~

HYPERFIXACTIONS♡: Gacha, FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S, DEMON SLAYER, Chainsaw Man, The Case Study of Vanitas, Bungo Stray Dogs, Moriah Elizabeth, CLOWNS, Helluva Boss, Ever After High, Monster High, THE AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS, MURDER DRONES, SHE-RA & THE PRINCESS OF POWER, Bibically accurate angels, Dead Plate, Shiloh, NEVERMORE, Poppy Playtime ~ (TALK TO ME ABT MY HYPERFIXACTIONS PLSSSSS) ~

FAVE AESTHETICS♡: Weirdcore, Traumacore, Nostalgiacore, Sanriocore, Glitchcore, Creepycore, Cryptidcore, Clowncore, Kidcore, Arcadecore, Glowwave, Mushroomcore, Gloomcore, Old Web, Cloudcore, Dazecore, Holocore, Spacecore, Vampirecore, Butterflycore, Eyecore ~

BDAY/SIGN: June 21st which is Cancer ~

if u wanna chat, message me! just a few rules; dont message me unless ur 13+ or -20(exceptions for mods or Crumpet obvi), dont be a creep, dont flirt unless its a joke &/or platonic. TRY TO AVOID THE TOPIC OF PEOPLE HAVING CANCER, ITS A VERY SENSITIVE TOPIC FOR ME. ~



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