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Yosef- (〃艸〃) ~~~ "I am not your Polly Pocket girl. Chucking me in your donate bin." ~~~ "& i dont want the world to see me, cause i dont think they'd understand.." ~~~ BACK ON THE TOPIC OF LIVETA- WHY IS VAN SO HOT- LIKE- IN CHAPTER 53 ESPECIALLY- ~~~ im gonna be working on a character so i can bring Dearian back- he needs to be brought baCKKKKKKKK- (yes ik no one knows who Dearian is but thats not important lol) ~~~ HDJSHDHDB I LOVE MOTHS & MOTHMAN SM- ~~~ i feel like the singles i made are one of the only things i can be proud of- also Axie-

Sunday Feb 5, 2023, 7:02 PM




Last online: 2-06-2023 4:30am
  • Gender: Transgender NB (FTM), Endergender, Gemgender, Ghostgender (It/Its/They/Them/Xe/Xem/He/Him/Ender/Enderself/Pearl/Pearlself)
  • Ur House, In Ur Parents' Bed, Doing Ur Dad
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U just trying ur hardest is enough. Even if its not alot, even if it varies each day. Its enough, i promise.

Im Ֆ꒞♡††վ/vﭐ꒞! It/Its/They/Them/Xe/Xem/He/Him/Ender/ Enderself/Pearl/Pearlself/Thy/Thm/Ge/Gem/ Spooks/Spookself/Ve/Vir/Virs/Virselfs ~ Onmis3xual/Asexual/Trans but still identify as NB ~ Married by my Beloved, Axie!!<3 ~ Im a trans NB but im also still a fem NB (i wont call myself a femboy since its a transphobic term used against trans women) ~ I AM A MINOR!!!

MY INTERESTS: DSMP(NOT Dream), ESMP, Rats SMP, (certain)MCYTs, FNaF, The Owl House, BJ Alex, Liveta, Love So Pure(BL in general lol. but before u bash me on this, maybe talk to me abt it & understand i read for the story, not those scenes.), Supernatural, Helluva Boss, Hazbin Hotel, Kandi, Perlers, (certain)Animes, Roleplaying, Sanrio/Hello Kitty & Friends, MLP, Gacha, Creepypasta, BATIM, BATDR, Beyblade Burst(2015-2022), i love making OCs(for anything) ~

AESTHETICS♡: Weirdcore, Dreamcore, Traumacore, Liminal Space, Nostalgiacore, Poolcore, Sanriocore, Glitchcore, Creepycore, Cryptidcore, Clowncore, Kidcore, Arcadecore, Glowwave, & Mushroomcore

KIN LIST: Ejirou Kirishima, Stolas, Loona, Oh Chanwoo, c!Ranboo, c!Techno, c!Wilbur, Ciel, Alois, Scott(ESMP), Shu Kurenai, Victor Luna(Liveta), Ian(Liveta) (there's prolly more but rn i cannot think lol) ~

BDAY/SIGN(if u care): June 21st which is Cancer ~

FAVORITE THINGS: Fave food: Taco Pasta, Fave drink: Tea, Fave Snack: chips & salsa & chocolate, Fave color(s): Purple, Black, Red, Pink, Yellow, & Green, Fave Show(s): Supernatural & The Owl House, Fave Film: The Outsiders, Fave Book: Liveta (keep negative opinions to self.), Fave Hobby(ies): Painting & Reading (helps me get anger out & just to relax) ~

OTHER SOCIALS: Pinterest: Lovely_Scotty, Quotev: (screenname): The Lovely Scotty (username): lovelyscotty, Twitch: LoveLy_ScoTTy, Tiktok: sc0tts_missingl3ft_3y3, Tumblr: lovely-scotty ~

if u wanna chat, message me! just a few rules; dont be a creep, dont flirt unless its a joke &/or platonic, & dont talk abt senstive/triggering things unless given permission to:) btw, u can vent just give a TW at the beginning of the message so ik what to expect. also: TRY TO AVOID THE TOPIC OF PEOPLE HAVING CANCER, ITS A VERY SENSITIVE TOPIC FOR ME.

if u follow me, ur now my Lovey, another words my friend or child. whatever ur comfy w/ (minus Axie since they're already my friend & Darling<333)

cant go on Quotev rn so just message on pinterest or on here ig:/ can go on tumblr but my activity will be low-

pls note that i enjoy watching MHA/BNHA but i do not want to be considered in the fandom, i only like it for the storyline



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