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Weiner dog, Weiner dog How did you get so long? Weiner dog, Weiner dog Come listen to my song Weiner dog, Weiner dog It's you that I adore How I love you Weiner dog Riding on your skateboard How I love you Weiner dog Riding on your skateboard

Tuesday Nov 29, 2022, 8:02 AM




Last online: 2-06-2023 10:55am
  • Gender: queer& non-binary (they/them)
  • US
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Creepypasta, FNAF (all games), JJK, HxH, JoJo, One Piece, Slashers,+ more !!

Iets b friends!!!!! i'm cool I promise dx

I'm basically a fossil,, 17 whole years of age

!!!PLS do not friend request me if u are 13 years of age or younger!!!!


terfs, disorder fakers, dsmp fans /srs, alt right, exculsionists, if u take the internet seriously, and transtrenders, self diagnosers

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NITW Panels!!
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