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Wednesday Feb 22, 2023, 7:36 PM




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  • Gender: Trans :3 (He/They)
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Hiiiii x3 You can call me Mango/Button whatever you want I don't mind 1!!!!!!!!11!

I go by He/They! I have some neo's too!

I love a lot of things1!!1!!!11 cant possibly list all of them >o< Fnaf, Spider-man, Sun & Moon (Fnaf), vocaliod, Death drones, Tmnt & Rottmnt, Endzone, Law of Talos, And MLP 1 but thats just tthe start of it!

Drawing and kandi are some of my hobbies =:3

You can stop b y and friend request me on everskies too! User: Clov3r_Bby

I also have spacehey and tumbler, Discord11!1

Don't be afraid to message me! I love making new friends!

I am a minor!

Thank you for reading this and stopping by! Remember to have an awss0me day, I bet your so Rad!!11!1111 ^w^

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Monty Star!!!!!!!!!1111!!11111
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Fazzwatch :DDDDD
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Pink Skull Single
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First 3d Cuff!
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