how many concerts/music festivals have you been to?

Deleted Account 11/22/2021 01:26 pm 120

hayy guys i thought itd be fun to share how many concerts/music festivals we've been to, and what bands we've seen!!

i'll start :p

ive been to 6 concerts and 1 music festival!! ive seen slipknot 2 times, rob zombie, twenty one pilots, killswitch engage 2 times, code orange, chevelle, sevendust, anthrax, motionless in white, halestorm, andrew W.K. (probably the funnest performance there), the hu, falling in reverse,,,, and like so many more....!!!!!!!!

the music festival i went to was 3 days long so i seen a shit ton of bands live just bc of that... there were so many!!!!!!!!!! xD
10/10 experience would definitely reccomend,, although probably not suitable for minors......... a lotta naked people jus runnin around....blush

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Nov 22, 2021 2:11 pm

Havent seen any yet, but Im seeing AJR on June 1st next year!! They are one of my favorite bands, so Im super excited

  • kennyynnek
Nov 22, 2021 1:48 pm

@V4MP1RE_GUTZZ: ah that sounds ssuper cool broseph! it sounds fun as hell too xD
one of my fav hardcore metal bands are playing near my city somewhere but its at a bar and unfortunately im not old enough crying but one of my friends are going!! so i might get a t shirt or something xd

Nov 22, 2021 1:43 pm

i havent been to any yet lol, they all got cancelled n were never rescheduled crying

im going to a concert on Friday tho big grin to one of my fav local bands, Houston and The Dirty Rats devil

theyre playing at this rly cool like, large record store idk how to explain it LOL n kmt going w the friend who introduced me to em dance

Nov 22, 2021 1:32 pm

i've been to a jojo siwa concert, that's it, it wasn't fun