bag tutorials?

ramuda 10/2/2021 08:00 pm 655

i looked on yt for kandi bag tutorials and couldn't find much that's helpful, does anyone have recs? i specifically wanna know how one would attach the bottom on a peyote stitch bag (i'm not making one rn but rlly want to in the future tongue)

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Oct 4, 2021 1:29 am

@ramuda: Hi! so i recommend instead of a bottom made from pony beads you make it from perler beads, that would make it a lot more stable big grin

Oct 2, 2021 8:23 pm

update: found a tutorial from 2011 that explains it, video quality isn't very good but here it is if anyone else has struggled w/ this:

i don't wanna make another thread so has anyone tried to make a 3d monster can before ?? it seems relatively easy, make a long cuff with the can design, circles for the top & bottom, but i'm not sure how to get the effect of the top and bottom of the can going slightly inward (hopefully this would make sense if you looked at a monster can)? i'm thinking about making a monster can bag if this would be possible at all so any advice is super appreciated ^_^