perler beads on kandi?

demonrat 12/30/2020 06:00 pm 210

i've seen it done a handful of times, and since i got some perler beads for christmas i thought i'd try it myself! the only problem is, i dont exactly know how to attatch the perler beads to the kandi, so how do you guys do it?

i have perler caps instead of normal beads, so i cant puit strings through them, though if you know a technique stringing through the perler beads and feel like sharing, go ahead!

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Dec 31, 2020 9:33 pm

I use hot glue and glue a couple pony beads to the back and string it thru as I’m making the cuff and that works for me

Dec 31, 2020 9:08 am

With regular perler beads I used to leave one bead slightly unmelted and poke the string through. But with perler caps it will be a bit harder. You might need to heat a needle up with a lighter to be able to poke a hole. Please be careful if you try that. I used to get my boyfriend at the time to do that because it scared me.

I suppose you could also try to leave a small gap between the beads, like add on a few extra ones at the top of the charm and melt them in a way that there's a gap.

Dec 31, 2020 7:35 am

Try sticking a needle through the bead(it might be difficult but its best to try than not right?) and I put a ring/loop you use for like necklaces and stuff like that so its easier for the string to go through(only if its a perler creation though.)