video tutorials for a couple patterns help??

x1tadpole1x 4/14/2024 10:50 pm 248

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i've been making kandi for a year now or so, but i still only know how to do cuffs (basic, x, rotating, etc.) and singles. there are a few patterns on here that i'd like to try, but can't find a tutorial on here for and don't know what to search for otherwise to find a tutorial elsewhere.

thing is, i'm a visual learner. i have a horrid time trying to follow a text tutorial5148b8c8996e8_sick.gif so if ya'll could preferably link to those kinds pls

so if anyone could link to a tutorial or give me some advice on patterns like the ones below, i'd appreciate it.5148b8c896030_cheer.gif i have no clue how to make charms (not perler) or cases or the cuffs with ears

frog cuff by goldilicious

owo peyote charm by pawbean

mp3 and lighter cases

lots of ya'll have such good designs and patterns and i just have no clue how to even start on them.5148b8c8ab431_love.gif and if i'm being rude in any way i apologize, i do not intend to be at all5148b8c88eedd_cry.gif


update (4/29/24):

i think i've got the flat charms kind of figured out. after watching a couple videos, reading a few post, and just guessing at the owo pattern above, i managed to actually make said pattern!!513b39526713b_happy.gif now i'm trying to make another charm for a friend, but i'm going to have to mess with it a bit

i'm assuming for the frog cuff i'd just have to make the stuck out parts like i would a flat charm and then tie it to the cuff??5148b8c8a7991_confused.gif

as for the mp3/lighter cases, from what i've read, seems someone on here once had a tutorial long ago, but deleted it. i haven't had any luck finding another one

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Apr 15, 2024 5:31 am

try moodkandi’s tutorial maybe? or also try looking on tiktok