Arii_35 4/15/2024 09:43 am 216

Welcome everyone, and bugz_35 <3. I just starting drawing today and I am a perfectionist and everything I have drew looks horrible, I don't want to trace anything or copy or take credit. if I feel like I have a good drawing I might post it and also give credits to whoever helped me out me out with a tip/trick on the drawing, I am new to this drawing community I hope I can draw like you amazing people, you too my love, I will appreciate anything, it doesn't matter if its the most common tip or trick or anything <3.513b39526713b_happy.gif

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Apr 16, 2024 12:19 pm

--The nice thing about art is that it costs very little to start out. Just pencil and paper. You can make great stickers with sharpies and USPS labels.

--Some people like to keep a sketchbook, other people are more comfortable with loose sheets (you can always collate the ones you want to keep later). The most important thing is to find paper you're comfortable with. In school they made us draw on newsprint and I *hated* it. I used to like copy paper and my dad's ledger paper -- it turns out that back then it was made with cotton, so no wonder. Five Below has surprisingly decent sketchbooks for the price - give the paper a feel. Notebook paper, graph paper, whatever. Those sketch-a-day books are fun. Some thrifts have amazing vintage notebooks.

--You don't have to show anything to anyone. Or you can show everything to everyone. You're in charge.

--Copying is a perfectly valid way to learn. If you're nervous about it put "after [artist]" or whatever on the sheet. Tracing is a good way to learn how to break down an image into its component masses. As long as you don't post it as yours, it's fine.

--Date your drawings so you can go back and watch yourself grow.

--Some how to draw books are much, much better than others, and unfortunately it's a genre that really likes to squeeze young people for money but teach them nothing. Hit the library before you start tossing money on them. If a book has been in print for 30 years, there's probably a reason. It is also totally okay to start with little kid drawing books to get comfortable.

--Propelling pencils are fine if you hate sharpening or are on the road, though they handle a bit differently from regular pencils.

--Nobody told me this until I was in my @#$%ing 30s, so I will tell you now: If you draw a comic, first write the lettering and then draw the balloons around it. So much easier. So much.

Apr 16, 2024 8:42 am

Guys I got a face for my drawing Oc it might be cringe or sum but idc I love it <3 just trying to find a head shape and how to do a full body.happy

Apr 16, 2024 6:21 am

hii wifeeee gehehehhe...blushblush

ok the tips i have!! ((they might suck bad))

1. dont compare yourself to other artists!! it can ruin confidence!

2. use some refs! it helps more than you realize!!

3. take your time! rushing can make things a bit sloppy!! ((thats okay tho!! :3))

ily wiifeee gehehehhehe....blushblushblush

Apr 16, 2024 4:41 am

id say definitely practice different styles so you can find one your most comfortable with. tips id have tho is obviously practice a lot, don't always hide hands (ik they can be really hard to draw before you find your style but in the long run you cant hide from them forever so practicing early is good), sketch light before you go over it darker so its easy to erase, and tbh just have fun because it doesnt have to look perfect right away but as long as your having fun im sure youll get more comfertable and better in ittbh confetti

Apr 15, 2024 9:14 pm

My biggest piece of advice would be to just draw a lot and finish pieces, even if they're not perfect, because you learn a lot by going through the whole process of completing a drawing. Also all artists reference, trace, copy, its how you learn. As long as you aren't taking credit for others work, you're ok.

Also just my opinion but don't jump into requests or commissions too soon, I've seen a lot of new artists burn out from that. When you're getting started it's best to just draw the things you like to get the basic skills down.

Apr 15, 2024 6:19 pm

Hey so it's been a while since I was new to drawing but a beginner few tips!!!

Break things down into shapes it's the most basic advice but it works. Even just knees are circles thighs are rectangles and hips are also circles type of planning helps you think about the proportions of the body, and how much space each part takes up.

Tracing can be really good practice and inspiration, if you're worried about copying artists in a bad way get some of those really cringe (affectionate) "how to draw anime girls" books from the library or the bookstore, they will help you step by step trace for practice and the author literally wants you to trace that image

Also like. If you just started drawing it's going to look bad. It's going to take time and effort to build up the muscle memory and the skills to draw something you would consider "good". You're going to draw people that look like sucky stick figures for a while. The important thing is to accept that and keep going. There's no quick way to skip over the effort involved, or everyone would be a master artist. I'm also a perfectionist I understand but just keep making bad art. Throw it away or never show anyone if you have to but keep making it!!!

Lastly please stretch your wrist before drawing. Just google artist wrist stretches and pick a few. But do it every time please please please. I have wrist issues bc I didn't think stretching was that important, I can still draw but not as much as I'd like so pls listen to your body, stretch, take breaks, drink water

Hope this helps good luck!!!

Apr 15, 2024 1:54 pm

these are all sadly just my opinions,,

PLEASE don't rush it. art takes time, don't start drawing chins and other things so fast, I still draw circle heads and I've been drawing for SEVEN YEARS.

and don't smudge a lot, a lot of new drawers smudge their drawings a lot, but I think it looks trashy. scared

also also if you see a f2u base you really like, start tracing over it and using it, just don't say its yours. I used to do this a year or two ago and it helped my artstyle grow.

Apr 15, 2024 1:38 pm

always use pencil when drawing, so if you mess up you can erase it! and if you like it, THEN use pen , never set too high expectations, if they're too high it hurts confidence when it doesn't turn out as you pictured, and lastly, just have fun with it! dont concern over what people might think, how it could be better, just enjoy the hobby! tbh confetti