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i need more grey beads T^T

Wednesday Nov 29, 2023, 12:19 PM




Last online: 11-30-2023 2:24pm
  • Gender: demigurl (she/they ((she/her prefered juzt not all the time)))
  • Dialtown, Thresher Shark Land, Ur Momz House
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! i am a minor still !

my intrests are sharks, dsaf ,invader zim, fnaf, undertale aus, deltarune, dialtown, mlp, and making kandi! :)

i have add and mild depression but i dont rlly let it get in the way of stuff i do! :P

scene kid! :3

my favortie charictars are: tallest red and tallest purple ((invader zim)) dave jack and henry ((dsaf))

ink sans fresh sans nightmare sans and dream sans ((undertale aus)) susie spamton K_K ((deltarune))

derpy hooves dj-pon3 flutterbat and rainbow dash ((mlp))

i personly listen to breakcore speedcore and the millinarez 0_o

im also an artist! :D


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