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Beadyeyedrat 4/4/2024 02:16 pm 350

I’m thinking of adding kandi starting kits to my Etsy for people who want to try making kandi without committing to a bunch of beads. I’m thinking they could be either custom or premade, is this something anyone would be interested in 514c8a1d82c7d_w08.gif

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Apr 15, 2024 8:53 am

*UPDATE* starter kits are now available on my etsy bluey2

Apr 4, 2024 7:32 pm

@xXNo_One_Cares_BearXx: Im thinking all thr colors then a second option for it to be either bright or pastel

Apr 4, 2024 5:20 pm

@Beadyeyedrat: yeah!

id love to help u out with color options! (if u want any help!)

Apr 4, 2024 5:04 pm

@xXNo_One_Cares_BearXx: I’m thinking maybe like have all the colors as premade options then a custom option

Apr 4, 2024 4:13 pm

depends on where u sell they could have like a button to pick which one or the amount?

but yes that would be great!!!!

Apr 4, 2024 4:11 pm

@rainbow_nerdz: kao blush I know when I started if I didn’t like it I would’ve had all these extra beads for nothing lol

I’m thinking of doing a kit for singles and one for a cuff

Apr 4, 2024 2:18 pm

i think people would love this! its perfect for the ppl who say "i would love to make kandi but idk where to start!" this would be awesome for them!! you could have "levels" of kandi and help people work their way up :3