Ideas for things to put on battle vest & crust pants?

GoldenSnailz_ 1/12/2023 04:52 am 706

So i'm exploring the punk subculture (I guess you could call me a baby punk). I'm starting a battle vest and I want ideas for what to put on it. I'm nostly looking for patch ideas. imma make ones that are pretty political so yea. any ideas?

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Jan 16, 2023 9:40 pm

@GoldenSnailz_: you should try to avoid putting political stuff on the back since it’s sort of unsafe- ik people who have been jumped over stuff like that sad

Jan 16, 2023 7:43 pm

cool metal you find on the ground,

pop tabs,

patches promoting intersectionality, anti-f@scism (antifa), acab, eat the rich, anti-racism, anti-ne0 n@z1, accessibility, gay rights, trans rights, inclusivity, deaf culture, save the bees, environmentalism, ect.,


cool bands you like

spikes (duh),

pictures of ur interests (rlly whatever)


really whatever you want!!! cheer

Jan 16, 2023 7:36 pm

@gothles: bestie, punk is literally based on politics

Jan 16, 2023 5:58 pm

@gothles: why not make it political? the main point of a battle vest is to show your political views and express yourself

Jan 16, 2023 3:04 pm

@z_b0n3_r0tt_z: Good tip. I've already put an "eat the rich" patch on the back but that's the only political one there so-far and if my hair's down it covers it.

Jan 14, 2023 11:09 am
  1. band patches - some punk bands I listen to include Bad Religion, older AFI, Rise Against, older The Offspring, not-current Green Day, Against Me!, etc. I don't have the Bad Religion patch on because I interact with christians regularly and the logo is a crossed over christian cross.
  2. you can put non-punk band patches on as well in my opinion and experience.
    1. You can also put album covers or lyrics from anywhere, as long as you like it.
  3. sayings patches - "respect existence or expect resistance", "protect trans kids", "f### the system", etc. (varying levels of censorship depending on your personal preference and if you'd get in trouble for it.)
  4. decoration/symbols. I have a radioactive transgender patch and an anarchy patch.
  5. artists you like- I have a Moomin Valley patch (Tove Jansson was also a pretty cool person, so that's a bonus)
  6. Patches can be whatever shape and size!
  7. Signature patch- a lot of people do a big band one or a political statement, I personally went for the rainbow flag. It's 20x30cm / 8x12in (sadly it IS a political statement these days)
  8. MAKE SURE YOUR JACKET IS COMFORTABLE, especially if you'll be wearing it out. Mine was someone's old rather thick overshirt-buttondown before it became mine.
    1. DO NOT wear your signature clothing items to protests or anything like that.
  9. Some people decorate with chains, studs, etc. I only have some pins (both display and safety) on mine. Punk isn;t about how cool you look, it;'s about what you do to make the world better. You don't need to spend much if any money for a battle jacket. Pick up some sturdy fabric that doesnt fray from a secondhand store or fabrics store, some paints (I use acrylic, but fabric paint is what i've seen others use), and go ham on patches.
  10. you CAN wear kandi with punk stuff! there's no strict rules.
  11. Keep lace code in mind if you decide to decorate your shoes- it will depend on your area, but some colours mean certain things and I don't want you getting beat up if you accidentally pick a colour that people in your area correlate with something bad (fascism) or something they dont like.
  12. Also keep in mind your safety. Your safety comes before your bada##ery.
  13. wow sorry for the massive wall of text. I will do this again.
Jan 14, 2023 10:52 am

Another tip, try to make sure to put any political or pride related stuff on the front of your vest/pants. Someone may try to hurt you if they don't like your patch and it's important to be able to see the person coming at you

Jan 13, 2023 6:10 am

idk if theyres any small political patterns on here but sewing a perler to it wld look really cool i thinkcheer if you try to iron the middle the most then u should be able to sew through the holes on th side? if that fails u cld just poke something through to make room for the needle tho

Jan 13, 2023 5:57 am

put ur pride flag(s) on the vest! im not punk, n i've never rly dressed punk, but i did have a jean jacket that was inspired by punk fashion!! it was sorta like a battle vest but,, a jacket lol ^^, i painted all my pride flags on it and it looked super cool!! i also put the anarchist symbol on it which i know a lot of punk people do !! i gave it to my friend like last year bc it started getting tight on me but yk :,) i also know amazon and hot topic has some cool patches u could sew on to it if thats what u wanna do!! u can also i think melt the patches on to the vest by flat ironing them on i think??

Jan 13, 2023 4:15 am

@gothles: Well I want this one to be political. I guess if I do that it might not be considered a "battle vest" but yk.