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“Oh no! You’re meeting all my standards.” -Papyrus

Wednesday Sep 14, 2022, 4:57 AM




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☆ Hiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! I'm Flint

☆ They/He Gengerfluid & Omni.

☆ Most Prominent Current Hyperfixation: Undertale/Deltarune

☆ Special Interests: Fnaf, Piano, Danganronpa

☆ Carrd:

☆ Terms I'm cool with

Imma be honest. I like the dream SMP purely from the lore and comedy aspects. If you're "aNtI dReAm SmP" then by all means you can leave. i honestly couldnt care less

I'm a pagan. I practice witchcraft and I'm on the green path. I mostly do divination and protection spells. ⛤

Fun Fact: The average garden snail has around 14,000 teeth!

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