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There is beauty in death and death in beauty. Don't waste too much time fretting over either.

Thursday Sep 14, 2023, 5:31 AM




Last online: 9-29-2023 10:47am

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⛧ Howdy! I'm Flint. I also go by Lennon, Len, Ollie, and Scout! If you can think of a name that you's like to call me (so long as its appropriate) that's cool too!

⛧ PFP by me :3

⛧ DNI Anyone 18+ and under 12. Like we can be moots but no dms or anything

⛧ Pronouns Page: https://en.pronouns.page/@Puppy_Sprout

⛧ Transmasc Enby + Xenogenders!

⛧ Main Xenos are Pupgender and Pupgoldic

⛧ Working on getting an ASD diagnosis

⛧ I appreciate tone tags and caps warnings

⛧ My special interests are FNAF and Squishmallows. My hyperfixation is currently creepypasta

⛧ I love FNAF, kandi, snails, cosplay, plants, manga/anime, dinosaurs & squishmallows

⛧ Games/Movies/Shows/etc. that I like: FNAF, D&D, Helluva Boss/Hazbin Hotel, Stranger Things, SK8 The Infinity, Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun, Over The Garden Wall, and some more I can't think of

⛧ People often refer to me as a "golden retriever" so uhh. there's that.

⛧ Lmk if you'd like me to infodump about FNAF, Dinosaurs, Squishmallows, or whatever I'm fixated on please- /nf /lh


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