Flat kandi charms

Zombie_boy 12/3/2022 01:09 pm 267

do any of y’all know how to make flat kandi charms? I’ve be trying to make some but I just can’t seem to figure it outcrying

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Dec 3, 2022 2:36 pm

its weird to explain but u use a peyote stitch and skip beads every now and then to make the shape, id start from whatever goes across the entire charm (specifically if theres a part that goes inward, id go from the furthest point out to the other side, idk what to do if both sides do that and the ends dont line up perfectly) or from the highest point to the bottom

for some patterns you need to make multiple pieces and stitch them together, or branch off of a bead somehow?? idk its a mess to figure out sometimes lol, id just start with a paw or smth bc they tend to be really easy

(edit the tutorials r definitely way easier to understand oops (°?°winking /lh)

Dec 3, 2022 2:31 pm

it's usually just a peyote stitch!! if the charm you're following is multi you're gonna start from the sides rather than the top, which i wanna say is what most people use for their charm patters but it can depend. here is a tutorial on reading flat charms specifically!

also if you haven't learned this already (i put it off for a long time lol) i'd highly recommend teaching yourself how to do an odd peyote stitch. the way you add rows is slightly different from an even one and is slightly harder but once you get the hang of it your life will be a LOT easier! if you already know it, you can disregard this kao posh don't mean to assume skill level im just trying to cover as much ground as possible heheh