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Can't tell the difference between a stage prop and a real knife!

Monday Dec 26, 2022, 1:21 PM




Last online: 2-04-2023 7:06pm

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-my name's strider, bro strider.

-the system you fakeclaim, the gaybian you fear

-our sys carrd is unfinished!!! there are abt 20 of us.

-homestuck is our long-term special interest!!! pleaseee interact if you also like homestuck and we're always open to talk abt homestuck related stuff.

-we support all systems and all queer identities. all means all. as long as its in good faith, you're safe with me. we have some pretty serious trauma regarding exclusionism and don't want anyone else to have to go through what we did.

-sometimes when trying to explain something we can come off as blunt or rude, we really don't mean to be aggressive most of the time. best explanation is that we have a blunted affect. "bro how does that affect the way you type" idfk man that's just the best explanation i have. and it's also true. so.

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PLUR Chain!!!!!
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My Son
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Gumball Cookieee!!!!!
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More Perlers!!!
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