kandi trading outside of raves? idk how to title stuff lol

r4wr_x3 5/21/2022 02:51 am 143

hi so i really wanna trade kandi with someone in person because like ive given kandi to people before but its never been a trade because none of my friends make it and i cant do trades in the mail or anything because my parents will flip about me talking to strangers online (plus id rather just do it in person tbh) and i wanna know what an actual trade would be like but since im under 18 i cant go to raves (and probably just cant in generally due to sensory issues) so i didnt know if there were any like kandi trading events that happen or anything

im in the us (ohio specifically) if that helps idk

i just really wanna trade with someone kao cry

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  • 13Killz
May 21, 2022 4:18 am

ive found school a great spot XD