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love brain heart control CAFFEINATE ! melatonin /pos || '' the fall ~ lovejoy ''

Thursday Dec 2, 2021, 5:35 AM




Last online: 4-29-2022 7:42am

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'' there's a she-wolf in the closet "


~ heyoooo my names are ace & crow, im a minor and hoard genders & pronouns. though my main pronouns are they / crow / ze / ne / he / bug ! ^^

~ i'm in too many fandoms to count lmao, but the ones i can think off are wings of fire, fnaf, mcyt, arcane uh that's all i can think of atm lol

~ i started making kandi in 2021 and really enjoy it.

~ im wanting to learn asl and only know a bit so if you know where i can learn pls let me know :D

~ im a fictionkin of c!tubbo (totally fine with doubles)

~ furry of 3 years <3

~ i am an agree :] (little ages are 3-6)


~ longfurby follower :]

~ if you are a toxic mcyt fan / anti or nsfw do not interact please :D

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