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The next full moon is: February 16th, 2022! “Love is something your heart feels by itself. It’s sweet, it sparkles, and it makes you realize what makes you happy without anyone telling you.” - Satou Matsuzaka

Tuesday Jan 18, 2022, 10:53 AM




Last online: 1-04-2022 11:25am
  • Gender: Fluidflux? Genderfluid with being agender like 70% of the time. (Bee/Zey - check pronouny for all)
  • Minnesota, USA
  • Profile Views: 448

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Heya! I go by the name Bird, and I'm Genderfluid/Fluidflux! I am a witch, artist, and an age/pet regressor! I collect stuffed animals, and am a huge gamer! Please use tone tags when speaking with me!

Click my Carrd to read more about me!

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