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narancia brainrot

Monday Sep 20, 2021, 1:07 PM




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hi, i'm june! i'm a lesbian + minor, she/her pls

i love jjba, cats, bnha, kandi, vocaloid, ace attorney, undertale, hxh, genshin impact, splatoon, cosplay, saiki k, ena and a lot of other stuff!! i've been making kandi for around a year now, i mainly make mushrooms, charms and masks! my messages are always open if you wanna talk or want my genshin uid or sumn,, i'd prefer if adults didn't message me though! also feel free to friend me if we have similar interests or just bc, i accept em all ! i have bad vision + diplopia so translations for complex typing quirks are appreciated!!

dni if you baby disabled or nd people ty<3

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