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Saturday Dec 11, 2021, 12:35 PM




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my status is an ancient artifact and i refuse to change it

i like ace attorney, splatoon, jjba, undertale, pokemon, deltarune, omori, worlds end club, stanley parable, watamote, demon slayer, uh some other stuff

pls dont involve me in discourse/arguments lol im just here for cool bead bracelets

my minecraft patterns r not intended to be correlated with dsmp at all if thats what. someones thinking idk

if anyone wants to play splatoon 2 or 3 idk something ask for my switch friend code

feel free to send friend requests, i almost never deny them but if i do dont take it personallylol... just very select ppl id rather not interact with

i rarely talk on the forums anymore bc its um . Yeah. but if we share similar interests feel free to friend me or somethinglol

i dont make it as much as i used to but i do mainly use this site for patterns or inspiration:)

dni annoying or judgmental ppl thats about it

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