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im sharting sprinkles rn

Monday Jun 28, 2021, 9:29 PM




Last online: 10-05-2021 6:35pm
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i hart u @N4G1T0_K1NN13_L0LZ ,, my "super hot and amazing emo bf" <33333

go pico yea yea go pico yea ❣❣

hii im berry or salem

my pronouns r he / him :')

i like fnf, mcr, danganronpa, jazmin bean, m3l4nie m4rt1n3z, mitski, marina, bikini kill, girl in red, and oh the list goes on- im just too lazy rn lolz ❣❣

im like the ultimate king, but according to my off brand gerard way husband and ultimate "kokichi ripoff" lolz..

P.S. im new to kandi :'D


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