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currently relearning css so i can customise my spacehey profile!

Friday Nov 12, 2021, 1:42 PM




Last online: 12-23-2021 8:56am

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my name's milkshake!!! :D

i'm a minor, pls dont be weird!!

i'm also autistic!! tone tags r really helpful for me, but don't stress abt it if you forget them when talkin to me!! my interests r:

  • mcyt (i don't watch dsmp, but i like philza's hardcore series + hermitcraft)
  • kandi (obviously lol)
  • genshin impact

some music artists i like are: S3RL, my chemical romance, skrillex, millionaires, holywood undead, kesha, 3OH!3, pierce the veil, set it off, lemon demon, crywank, flatsound, the freaks (pls check them out, they deserve more listeners!), and radical face. As far as i know none of these artists have done anything problmatic, but please let me know if any of them have, i wouldn't want to support someone who was a bad person.

i started making kandi in march 2021!!

(the picrew in my icon was made by @lawful_awful on twitter)


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