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what the fuck is a cotton candy grape

Tuesday Jun 1, 2021, 7:04 AM




Last online: 6-16-2021 11:35am

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hello! i'm mia :D


!! about me !!

i'm a xenogendered (specifically celestae and venusian) lesbian and my pronouns are they/she/xe/bin/4/5 in no order of preference (check my carrd for usage examples if needed!)

uh my hyperfixations are mainly fnaf, sally face, little nightmares, and animal crossing

i'm also 15 and taken so don't be weird pls lol

i can have a hard time reading (complex) typing quirks so if you wouldn't mind including a translation that would be cool of you


!! note !!

if you wanna be friends or smth, add my disc mia!#2319 or ask to 2 b moots on my tiktok *^* i'll say yes

i'm autistic and sometimes find it hard to read tone, so tone indicators are much appreciated, when applicable :> tyty


!! dni list !!

-- kids under 12

-- adults over 19

-- nt cishets

-- trauma dumpers

-- ybc fans


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