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rats like to be tickled and they enjoy cleaning themselves with mint so they smell good. rats are the only good things to exist

Sunday Mar 7, 2021, 8:33 PM




Last online: 7-20-2021 11:08pm
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im bi and trans and a walking stereotype

some general info:

-got ADHD

-i vibe with rats i will tell u a lot about rats if u want

-new to kandi but already obsessed

-pisces sun and moon and i act like it

-my aesthetic is a mixture of kidcore and cottagecore

-aspiring author with like way too many oc's i rant about all the time

-if i like u enough then ill unmask a bit and you'll get to witness how insanely energetic i really am lol

-into loads of cartoons (Invader Zim, Steven Universe but begrudgingly, Hilda, Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, Popee the Performer, ATLA, She-Ra, Gravity Falls, Star vs the Forces of Evil, probs a lot more im forgetting)

-im adding rats again cuz i really like rats

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Kandi Plushie
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Hell Yea 3D Cuffs!!
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Perler Pokedex
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My Arm So Far
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