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psa: i take requests for animal crossing villager masks !! (either dm me or comment in my fave animal crossing villagers thread !!)

Monday Apr 12, 2021, 6:17 AM




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uhhh hey there !! you can call me Jasper :> (he/they pronouns please !!) I mainly draw tbh, I'm new to making kandi but I'm learning !!

I'm autistic and adhd and have way too many hyperfixations lol (main ones are Animal Crossing, Hunter x Hunter, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Dangan Ronpa, Invader Zim, The Magnus Archives, etc etc etc)

aside from that I also collect stickerzzz and rubber stamps !! (along with many other things lmao)

I'm extremely shy but I would really like to make friends if possible !!

I have super bad anxiety and often take breaks from social media for my mental health but I will do my best to reply !!

(also if you know me irl and see me on here,,, no u didn't >.> )

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