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hey! I like bands and enjoy making kandi! :P i also love emo/scene fashion! im a mix of both xD i have alot of favorite bands too; such as, mcr, top, palaye Royale, fob, blink-182, paramore, ptv, bvb, Waterparks, atl,green day, the killers, brokencyde, s3rl, falling in reverse, set it off, the millionaires, calpurnia, Radiohead, vantavoid, bmth, and so many more! :p some of my fav solo artists: ke$ha, Phoebe Bridgers, Avril Lavigne, halsey, & lady gaga. i also REALLY REALLY like Five Nights at Freddys, invader zim and Tim Burton!!!

Feel free to shoot me a message or friend request! Rawr XD

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