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I HAVE MADE MY RETURN TO KANDI PATTERNS DOT COM!! my old usernames r shinnie.irl n j0rd4nwe1rd0!! pls don’t unfriend me !!

Wednesday Jul 19, 2023, 4:26 PM




Last online: 7-20-2023 10:11am
  • Gender: non-binary (he/them)
  • Fairfax, Virginia, USA
  • Profile Views: 2,163

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jordan. he/them.

❤️: persona, evangelion, flcl, soul eater, heaven will be mine, boy meets maria, the orbital children

yosuke hanamura, takuto maruki, n ryuji sakamoto brainrot

i don’t really make kandi that much anymore, but i still have a ton of beads to use up, so im back!

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