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(Puts my face d1rectly on the screen) C.... Crashbox good..........

Tuesday Sep 14, 2021, 11:12 AM




Last online: 12-25-2022 6:41pm
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1 love draw1ng, Lemon Demon, Vocalo1d, Ghost and Pals, Bean1e Bab1es, The Hotel, Crashbox, and my g1rlfr1end! 1'm very new here and 1 hope to make fr1ends. My 1nstagram 1s SP1D3R.PNG 1f you would l1ke to follow me on there :3

ALSO!! If there are any 1rls 1n here, 1'm Jeff the K1ller, Cassandra from P1co's School, and Kenn1th from Commun1cat1ons!! (1've learnt from my past act1ons and 1 do not want quest1ons about the events 1 caused.)

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Valentino BB
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Princess BB
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Sp1nner BB
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Legs BB
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