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i just simultaneously whip and nae naed /q

Thursday Jul 21, 2022, 5:08 AM




Last online: 7-16-2022 4:14pm

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hi i'm luca, ghostca, or teacat !! im a minor and i use they/them and neos!!

i like fnaf, vocaloid, lmk, fnf, pokemon, street fighter, cookie run, animal crossing, deltarune, madness combat, steven universe, and a bunch of other stuff and if you ever wanna gush about it PLEASE FEEL FREE /POS

i use tone indicators, im nd, and im acearo but i also like to gush and hyperfixate on all my faves in existence

i accept practically any friend request so dont be afraid to say hi !!!

also im like really really bad at making kandi but i really love all of u guys and how friendly the community is, i hope anyone who sees this knows that theyre AWESOME

pls dni if you gatekeep, are racist, homophobic, transphobic n other stuff of the sort, fake mental illness, traumadump or invalidate others and their trauma, make Kay why Ess jokes, comfort shame, and please note that I talk a lot and say things that could make others uncomfy on accident. if I do so, please confront me on it. thank you !!

also unrelated but if you've seen me change my bio 20 times no you havent

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