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thinking of continuing my dangan perlers. ive done almost every character in every game, but i just finished DR2 so i think i can complete the perler game trio :) if you want a character from dangan (or even Stardew/omori!) to be done that hasn't been done already, message me and i'll make it my priority!!

Sunday Jan 29, 2023, 12:29 PM




Last online: 2-04-2023 3:36pm

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hi i'm luca, ghostca, or teacat. im a minor and i use they/them and neos! im acearo too. im bad at talking so forgive me if i say something that could accidentally make you uncomfy.

i like fnaf, vocaloid, lmk, fnf, pokemon, street fighter, cookie run, animal crossing, omori, deltarune, kirby, sonic, OFF, n more

i think i started kandi since may 2021 but had interest since 2020, and since then i've slowly gotten better and im really happy with my progress :) have an amazing day <3

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