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bark bark woof woof kaito vocaloid /pos

Tuesday Dec 7, 2021, 7:54 AM




Last online: 1-21-2022 10:25pm

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hi i'm luca, ghostca, or teacat !!

i like fnaf, vocaloid, fnf, pokemon, street fighter, cookie run, animal crossing, deltarune, madness combat, and a bunch of other stuff

i use tone indicators and im nd though i dont have many triggers so dw abt messing up around me :D

not very good socially but it makes me so so happy when people message me like unironically i'll platonically kiss you if you wanna be friends with me

pfp belongs to kiibbl/kiwadraws !!

crk: PV server is D1LFL0VERS; Hollyberry is darkchocokisser

crob: darkchocokisser

i accept practically any friend request so dont be afraid to say hi !!!

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