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I luv kewl ppl ^_^

Tuesday May 7, 2024, 6:18 AM




Last online: 5-16-2024 8:29am
  • Gender: Female (She/her)
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Sillyfartmaster69 on tt and ig

Making every item in MC currently

Hobbies: kandi/perlers, art, guitar, drums, drawing, shirposting

Interest: minecraft, system of a down, any mincegore, deathmetal, goregrind, slam, basically any genre with gore, grind, mince in the genre, music obviously, body modifications, true crime, bunnies and chernobyl

Style: heavily influenced of cutecore, decora, coquette, scenemo and goth

Guys bmf :3

I listen to post hardcore, midwest emo, slam, death metal, goregrind, mincecore, chicano death metal, p0rnogrind, grindcore and any of those subgenres, krunk, screamo, shoegaze and a small hint of nu metal in there

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