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Stupidity is a choice but some people abuse it.....

Thursday May 2, 2024, 9:37 AM




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  • Gender: a fairy magical cat ((they/them/she/her/it) !!ANYTHING BUT HE/HIM!!)
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Herlo!!! I'm s therian and furry!! my theriotypes are otter,alligator,sand cat,wolf,and questioning tiger! My fandoms are : Steven universe, furry and therian, Sally face, bluey, and Roblox. I'm very new to kandi and I only know how to make doubles singles an d cuffs. I want to dress scencore but I don't know were to start unfortunately. I have invander zim hoodie and neon green fishnet gloves I need pants and shoes and shirts but idk where to start!! I AM A MINOR!! SO NO NSFW STUFF PLEASE!!!!1!!!1!!!1

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