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I hav way more Kandi then those in my photos lol

Wednesday Jun 19, 2024, 7:36 AM




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  • Gender: Transmasc, boyflux, demigod!! er... I mean demiboy X-X (He/him/his)
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Apparently im "The Gay Emo Furry" <33 (thanks Tameca I like the title ;-;)

"You know I'm not straight, but let me say it straight to you." /lyrc

Yall ik ik but EMO MOMENT




!IMPORTANT! !PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING! (tried2 write with less quirks)

If you send a friend request you must verify you are safe. You can do this by replying to the message I will send u aftr I get the request. If your still waiting for me 2 accept check that u replied to my message. Thanks!! <3 (if u already answer my questions in ur request message u wont need 2 verify again) I dont do bio codez anymore :P thanks anyways (The old code was PizzaTacoz!)

I accept almost all the friend requeztz I getz!!! Pleez dont hesitate 2 add me because the answer is probably already yes :D

DNI if u mean!! *z00s, s3ggsu@l furries (I'm a furry but not in that way), h0moph0b3s, abl1ests/ment@lists, r@c1sts, p3d0s, hate towards other religions/beliefs etc. ALzO DNI if u hav fandoms or interests in ur dni list jst cuz u think the fandom/interest is annoying? like WHUT? (if they r fandoms for bad/offensive etc. media its fine) an example of this is DNI if you like this music artist or this cartoon. (I've seen people say this before) ALzO if u dni random stufz :/ or like if u put dni self diagnosed or wtvr :p

Also I can be a bit rude sometimes but jokingly, so if I ever offend you; or make you feel uncomfortable PLEASE let me know and I'll stop. Also I will call you girl, sister, homeboy, bro, dude, no matter your pronouns as in, GIRL. ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS?! or stuff like that. So if u don't like it PLEASE let me know and I'll totally stop! its no problem for me at all. :3 /pos

(I try 2 use emotion tags, but I forget sometimes. Saying so, PLEASE let me know if you need me to explain the tone or purpose of what I just said) also if my typing is hard to read lemme know and I can translate

!!Important info:

- I'm a boy. Please treat me like one.

-Keep our discussions non-political and positive. (no anti-LGBTQ+ etc.)

-Don't be weird with me (Sorry, but I'm not looking for a relationship or partner)




abt me:

⋆˚✿˖ Hihi!! I'm Julian/Juniper. I make kandi <3⋆˚✿˖ (Julian is pref @moment)

my kandi name is Junip3rr Frum Jupit3rr or jst Jupit3rr/Jupiter

Im sosososo preppy x3 like lowkey preppy KWEENNNN

I have lime green hair!


Moozic I likez: (in no order)

Dorian Electra is my FAVORITEEEE

Melanie Martinez (saw trilogy!!! :3)

PTV AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH<333<33 :33 <33 :3 (caraphernelia iz mah fav)


millionaires (what did u think I'd say)

blink182 :DDDDDD



the cure

Toy Box

Mom, devi mc callion, the black dresses (all the same person but 1 of them is a duo.)


I set my friends on fire

Hair Jordan

MCR :)

(if any1 on this list has any controversies im rly sry I had no idea, + pls lmk :3)


I hav sm moozicz I liekz but I don wanna name em rn :D

sum genrez r (in no order) any scene genre (duh)(crunkcore is my fav), scenecore is fine :/, hyperpop, altpop, indie pop,indie rock, punk, pop punk, happy hardcore + tonz of dif rave moozicz, emo, goth genres, occasionally metal etc. oh, and more crunkcore, more crunkcore, +more crunkcore.

fashion= Scenemo!! (with a bit of goth, mall goth, decora etc.) (ik u cant b scene/emo w/out listening2 tha moozicz dnt worry I do lol no pozerz here :3)

Furry lol (not a weird1 obvi)

I like a lot of stufz but my main interests rn are (rewatching SU 4like the 1millionth timeee, I luv Sardonyx, White Diamond, Sugalite, Garnet and Peridot!!1!) MLP, squishmallows, BAB, Lisa Frank, AJPW (quit ajclassic), tokidoki figurinez, Heartstooper Gkids + Miyazaki films. Minions!1!/Despicable me, Calvin and Hobbes and sum othr things. I also like lotz of mUsic!! (as u read b4) :u

Abt the stuff I do on here:

I'm a minor. Keep it safe :3

I like posting photos of my kandi and cheering u guys up or getting into funny conversations. I don't post patterns yet D:

⠀Certified skibidi sigma alpha male moment >:)

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