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regretevator has taken over my life...

Tuesday May 28, 2024, 4:41 PM




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HIII! I am very excited to make new friends here so here are some things about me!

  • Gender: Female (any pronouns but I like she/her and xe/xem the most)
  • Sexuality: Aromantic + Demisexualjump!!!!
  • Name: Arianna but PLEASE call me Kathy because I get made fun of at school
  • Favorite Music Artists: Insane Clown Posse, Jack Stauber, Penelope Scott, MARUTE, Tally Hall, Rebzyyx, Sacristuff, Lemon Demon, Odetari, Lumi Athena, 6arleyhuman, and Cade Clarie.
  • Favorite Things To Do: Draw, watch TV, play Roblox and Minecraft, talk with friends, and wake up early (only on weekends)
  • Object show has been DISCONTINUED!!!! (SO SO SO sorry to those who wanted to watch it!)
  • I'm also making an Etsy shop with a friend!
  • My birthday is 21 of May!!!

Anyway, that's it so far!

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