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Still waiting for elastic I haven't made any kandi in DAYS T_T

Monday Dec 18, 2023, 8:14 PM




Last online: 4-11-2024 3:26pm
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Hi!! You can call me Velvet or Velv

* Female (I use any pronouns including xeno and neo pronouns).

* Interests include Object shows, Sonic, MLP, and ITSV/ATSV

* My favorite music artists are Tally Hall, Miracle Musical, Quinn, Rebzyyx, Femtanyl, Sacristuff, IC3PEAK, Lemon demon, siouxxie sixxsta, Odetari, Lumi Athena, 6arleyhuman, and ILY2.

* Current hobbies are kandi making and art

* If we're mutuals on twitter dm me!!/nf

* Show me images if u make my patterns I would love to see how it turns out!!! No credit needed btw


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First Rotator Cuff!!
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Paintbrush Single!
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