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guys im eppy (everyone must know how eppy i am)

Monday May 13, 2024, 6:41 AM




Last online: 5-26-2024 3:38pm

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aka greenland hotel /ij


about me!!!

interests: splatoon (special int.), animal crossing, criminal minds (special int.), mission yokakura family, music (i actually will listen to anything pls give me recs), starkid musicals, j-fashion

hobbies: any sort of arts n craft, gaming, writing (hardcore smut /hj)

music: billie eilish, the weeknd, doja cat, tyler the creator, melanie martinez, icp, msi, chappell roan, off the hook, squid sisters (proud deep cut hater sorry guys)

kins: yuri from ddlc, monika from ddlc, anddd im otherkin!! angel and vampire (✷‿✷)


taken by my lovely, amazing, pretty, awesome, gorgeous gf <3

my preferred name is elyn!!

im autistic and bipolar, plz be patient with me,,,

sfw pet regressor and age regressor <3

add me on discord!! greenlandhotel

picrew i used to make my pfp!! https://picrew.me/share?cd=DFLTpzHMhd

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