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dick lmfaoooo

Thursday Sep 21, 2023, 5:10 AM




Last online: 11-14-2023 11:13am
  • Gender: Female (she/her/they)
  • Deez Nuts, Wherever Tf I Want To Be :), Up Ur Ass
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♡ heya, my name is sophia

♡ pronouns and more: she/her/they / female

♡ users: kand1_w33b~s0phi4~soph_

♡spotify: soph<3

♡pinterest: soph

♡my birthday is february 10th!

♡i’m not really in any fandoms, i just like the anime/game of danganronpa

♡dni: -12 / racist / homophobic/ transphobic / insane about stranger things/dsmp stan

♡music interests: girl in red / melanie martinez / pinkpantheress / mitski / conan gray / clario / vocaloid (mainly miku stuff)

♡tv shows: total drama / dance moms (don’t question it) / the office / south park

♡i’m looking for friends if u wanna be friends lol

♡danganronpa game and anime >:)

♡that’s all for now byeee!

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