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Go beyond -- Plus Ultra!! *ahem* questioning my xenogenders again-

Friday Jul 22, 2022, 9:11 PM




Last online: 7-19-2022 10:02pm
  • Gender: trans bxyflux (he/they/xe)
  • Usa, But I Wish It Was Japan
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Hi!! I'm BunnyBoyDeku, and my preferred name is Izuku, Dusty, Kai, or Kinoko! I'm trans bxyflux (transmasc, agender, gendervoid, rosboy, and boyfluff) along with a bunch of xenogenders, as well as polyromantic bisexual and a few otherkin!! My pronouns are currently he/they/xe/bun/rain/storm/mush/star/fluff/void (I'm constantly adding morw btw), but he/they/xe are my main ones (I use xe/xem/xyr/xemself, ik there's multiple sets of xe/xem pronouns :p) Cw: I use "!!" a lot-

I love bunnies, drawing, singing, anime, etc and anything to do with pastels, kandi, and mushrooms and anything Japanese! I'm a minor so I'm not gonna say my age- I'm also a strong Izuku kinnie and am pretty obsessed with bakudeku qwq Kacchan is my husbando ^^ and I'm currently trying to learn Japanese and ASL (I'm not deaf or mute, I just think it would be helpful and fun :p) My current hyperfixations are bnha, stranger things, and gerard way

What I'm ok with being called (in general & no specific order): boy, bxy, bunny, femboy, dragon, mushroom, fluffyboy, enby, person

I will say that I'm between 14-16 years old, and I don't entirely feel comfortable adding/talking to anyone under 14 or over 17

DNI: transphobic, anti-MOGAI, homophobic, racist, toxic people in general, pro-life, Trump supporter, etc etc

Feel free to talk or vent if needed!! I'm also taking requests for custom pride flags (and maybe terms) if anyone is interested ^^

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