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"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" | F~ Stu!!

Wednesday Apr 27, 2022, 6:57 AM




Last online: 5-24-2022 5:08am
  • Gender: Male (Ftm) ((It/Gira/Giri/MalWare/Monster/Ghost))
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DNI: Toxic Dream/DreamSMP stans (Let me clarify we like the individual creators like Ranboo, Slimesicle ,ect. not Dream.) If horror sources make you uncomfortable. You're a endo/demo 'system'. Refuse to use tonetags. Or you're overly religious. /srs

Thank you! /gen -Ouija Board System

This acc will only have those who use this site often, with a list of names,prns, and signoffs!

(Sidenote: we are medically recognized as a system)


Stu Macher [He/It/Gira/Giri/MalWare/Monster/Ghost] Signoff : -Stu!!

Ranboo/Rooks [He/They/Operator] ((Factive)) Signoff: -R

Theseus [He/They/Demon/Scale] Signoff: -Theseus -Snake

Neil [He/Him] ((Factive)) Signoff: -Neil -LD

Tamaki [He/Him] Signoff: -Tama! -Tamaki!!

Vincent [He/They/Hxm] Signoff: -Vinny

Brahms [He/Him] Signoff: -Brahms

Rapture [He/They/Clown/Bright/Ink] Signoff: -Rapture!! -Clown!!


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