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i donot support dsmp, but i sm tommyinnit irl, i h8 tha dsmp dni if u support it || pinkie iz frontign

Friday Jan 21, 2022, 10:37 AM




Last online: 3-04-2022 2:05pm

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<3- i go py pinkie/sun/rosie/angel/patchez, ii uze cat neoz and/or no pronounz

<3- irl lizt: sun [fnaf], parfait/espresso/vampire cookie [crk], tommyinnit [dsmp], verosika mayday [helluva boss], spam [zoophobia], pinkie pie/izzy moonbow [mlp], lollipop [bfb], gir [IZ] patches ito [purrfect apawcolypse], rosemary walten [twf]

<3- were a fictive heavy osdd-1a syztem

<3- agere/petre. dni if ur into ddlg or any k!nk like that.

<3- aestheticz: arcadecore, kandicore, lovecore, gorecore, animecore, decora kei, scene, scemo

<3- i like mlp, object showz, invader zim, fnaf, vivziepop stuffz, twf, purrfect apwacolypse, aggretsuko, BNA, ENA, kandi, sanrio, ACNH, animal jam, n moar


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Itz So Blurry Aaaa
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