Rate your nicknames!

doublezero 4/22/2021 02:48 pm 778

I just wanted to see what people's nicknames are! Here are mine

Goose: 10/10 My name. Pretty rad.

My deadname: -10000000000000/10 The only people who call me this are my parents.

Goosey: 0/10 Something my mom calls me because she won't call me Goose

Gooseito: 0/10 see above

Goo: -10/10 What my dad calls me to make fun of me

Miles: 9/10 my middle name. No one actually calls me this.

That one son of a bitch: 10/10 yep that's me.

I actually don't really have a nickname tbh.

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Apr 22, 2021 3:07 pm

tez: 1000/10, the name I generally go by. I like it!! a lot!!!

calcifer: 10000000/10, my second name, slightly more hidden. nobody really uses it but I reallyreallyreallllllyyyy like it!!!

dead name: -1000000000/10 ew gross who is that. adults (including my therapist who I have told my name) call me this, people who im not out to call me this. gross all around.

zi: 10/10 I like this one. mainly for like. pon and zi purposes.

nerd: 100/10 friends!!!!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!

buckethead: 12/10 my friend calls me this!!! he's really nice and I like it when he calls me this sometimes!!!!

(insert random character) kinnie: 5/10 kinda okay, if they're right. other wise. please no.

parental figure: 10000/10 YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH just as long as im not your actual parent

mim: 6/10 not my favorite but ill respond. sometimes I call myself this when im like. mad or frustrated.

Apr 22, 2021 3:12 pm

i don't really have a nickname so uh- i'm just gonna rate my aliases

Scratch: ???/10 - still trying this one out.

Tracky: ???/10 - see above.

Aluluna/Alu: 4/10 - what i go by on youtube, it's cute but i've somewhat outgrown it.

my real name: 5/10 - i like it but i wish it was a little more exciting-sounding.

Eudora: 8/10 - it's pretty, i like it!

Felicity: 8/10 - see above.

Krashy: 8.5/10 - cute :3

Krashiel: 9/10 - ye

Krash: 10/10 - YESSSS!!!

Apr 22, 2021 3:20 pm

Regular name: 7/10 would be 6/10 but my parents saved it from being the name of a department store by adding an 'e'. Most people call me this

Mace: 10/10 Friends call me this. sounds like I could proper destroy you, but I the smol' bean so its misleading.

Toonces: 8/10 cute but they're making fun of my driving skills (From SNL Toonces the driving cat)

Mace-the-ace: 5/10 cousins call me this...

Macediah: 9/10: invented by a friend and they are the only person who uses this

Foxy: 6/10 Some weirdo called me this a ton and wouldn't leave me alone, but I like foxes so +1 point

*you/nothing*: -10000000/10: I can see that you have forgotten my name and are now avoiding anything that would require you to say it..... I will mess with you now until you give in.

Apr 22, 2021 3:28 pm

rat 10/10

sewer rat 11/10

motherfucker 12/10

deadname -100000000000/10

mentally ill 7/10 just a cute nickname my therapist uses for me

Apr 22, 2021 3:48 pm

danni: 10/10 its what everyone calls me i like it

searabbit: 9/10 i like it a little less than danni lolz its more of like a stage name or something

salem: 1000/10 i love this name so much- just chefs kiss-

my best bitch: 10/10 haha yes i am, only one person calls me this tho

dude/bubba/bro: 100000/10 gets me in the feels and i love it- only one person calls me these things and yes- just yes

sparkling water: 5/10 all though i dont like the person who gave me this nickname, i drink sparkling water religiously and i find it funny

rat: i get called this a lot, honesty yes i am-

goblin: when someone called me this for the first time i got so exited because i am indeed a goblin in a disguise

danni the dyslexic: i am indeed dyslexic and we have a joke that i spread my dyslexia because people become dumber when they talk to me

hunny/baby: my closest friend calls me these because i am indeed baby

deadname: -10000000/10 i hate my deadname sm- people dont use it- i just ew-

danny phantom: the rating depends on who says it- i normally find it hilarious but some people i dont like say it and i get mad

Apr 22, 2021 4:09 pm

sonder: 9/10 been my nickname for years cuz i liked the word and made it my username on a drawing site a few years ago and i made alot of friends and they still call me sonder so i decided to stick with it lol

gio: 10/10 my name

dev:7/10 relates to an old name i used to use i still like the nickname but just not something i use anymore

dicey: 100/10 i really like it it was an inside joke w my friend

mousey: 0/10 something my dad uses to make fun of me

hairold: -10000/10 another thing my dad uses cuz my legs and arms are hairy

tippy tay: 5/10 something i was called cuz i walk on my tippytoes habitually

band trash: 1/10 no comment idk i just dont like it

shithead: 10/10 what i call myself in my head as a joke even tho the voice in my head is saying technically makes it the shithead so yeah

satan: 1000/10 u called?

Apr 22, 2021 4:29 pm

myles: 10/10 im so weird and quirky i put a y lol

dead name: 1/10 eh its kindof ok on other people but not me lol

doggo: 6/10 my old fursonas name

that it lol

Apr 22, 2021 5:27 pm

Devynn - 10/10 is my name

Dev - 9/10 called this often

Devyroo - 8/10

Poopyroo - 0/10 is kinda annoying not gonna lie

Rooples - 6/10 my mom calls me this

Kat - 8/10 short for katsuki, my old discord friends used to call me this instead of saying Katsuki

thats it ig

Apr 22, 2021 5:47 pm

*Deadname*: 0/10, call me this and a body will be discovered.

Oliver: 4/10, least prefered but fine.

Ghost: 7/10, pog!! makes me feel weird sometimes but.

Wilbur: 1039019019/10, YES.

Wilby/Wilbee: 234567898765432345678/10, the person who calls me that is super hot plus it makes me blush.

Stims: 9/10, makes me stim,,,

Apr 22, 2021 6:32 pm

estrella : 15/10 when someone says my name correct it fills my heart with joy (pronounced Es-TRE-yah) (roll the r)

estrellia : 0/10 added an "i" sound for no reason and said it with the "L" sound instead of the "y" sound

australia : 7/10 its fun and easy to say

estrella : -12345/10 still get called this (with the 'L' sound instead of the "y" and without rolling the r)

star: -20/10 NO, *how the interaction usually goes* "Hi I'm Estrella" "Hi star my name is Mckenzyleigh" I will never tell anyone to call me star, because it irks me

post malone: 20/10 i love post malone and its funny

zendaya: 123456789/10 biggest compliment ever, it fuels my confidence

smart : 30/10 (when its used as a name instead of an adjective )my older cousin started calling me smart instead of my name and its so nice