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listen i know he's a literal god but dreamXD my beloved

Monday May 17, 2021, 3:48 PM




Last online: 9-11-2021 2:09pm
  • Gender: nonbinary ((in preference) void/fire/ghost/they/star)
  • None Of, Your Business
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hi!!! i am a neurodivergent scene kid and your local dreamXD simp whos trying their best!!!!

some of my hyperfixations and special interests are fairytales, mythology (like all of it. Celtic folklore is like a main but all of them work!!!), online subcultures, dream smp, Russian history spanning from the napoleonic war through the second revolution, music genres, and astronomy!! my kins include c!ranboo (the canon lore triggers me sometimes, so I dont recommend talking to me about it :/ ), ghostbur, sam nook, zi (from pon and zi), ibuki mioda, percy jackson, christine canigula, gir, terezi pyrope, basil, and hero (both from omori!!).

ive been making kandi since december of 2020 and am always open for suggestions, tips, and to offer friendly neighborhood help!! :D

im fine with messaging and things, just be warned sometimes it takes me a bit to respond.

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