tell me about ur kin types or ur theriotypes !!

acho 5/25/2023 07:48 am 393

me personally, im a calico cat therian but i have a lot of kin types!! my main kin type of deitykin/godkin (goddess of the sun), angelkin, aviankin/wingkin (white wings), and faekin (trooping fae) : D!!

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May 25, 2023 8:03 am

@horrorSans_IRLL: alright!!

heres the difference between an irl and a fictionkin :3

  • (cw / reality checking) an irl is someone who experiences some form of psychosis, or delusions, and those delusions make them believe they are someone else, that could be a fictional character or a real person. these delusions are professionally referred to as delusions of grandeur, but online a user on twitter coined the term 'delusional attachment', or a D/A, which is often what IRLs use to refer to themselves. IRL isn't necessarily just a D/A term, infact IRL was originally an otherkin term, but now the two communities share the term!
  • a fictionkin is someone who experiences some sort of deep connection with a character. this could be a spiritual or emotional connection, it doesn't necessarily matter. an example of a fictionkin is someone who believes they were a character in a past life (one of the most common types of spiritual fictionkin), but another example of fictionkin is heavily relating to and identifying as said character due to such an emotional connection and attachment to said character!!
    May 25, 2023 7:54 am

    @tommysgf: everything, cuz idk what an irl is or a fiction kin but i think i am a fictionkin so idk

    May 25, 2023 7:54 am

    @horrorSans_IRLL: well what do u want to know : D?

    May 25, 2023 7:48 am

    i'm a fiction kin idk tho, can u please teach me abt themm