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won't be online much my discord is whorelife

Friday Sep 29, 2023, 11:06 AM




Last online: 2-21-2024 4:32pm

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hiii my name is lust/lusty/sylveon

i have schizoaffective disorder (bipolar+schizophrenia), autistic, and i'm hypersexual so if i make you uncomfortable ever please tell me i hate doing that to ppl/srs

i'm a lust irl/fictionheart and copinglink!!

scene kid/gyaru (and a juggalo WHOOP WHOOP!!!)

my discord is whorelife (i'm sad that they got rid of the numbers 3:)

i'm 13....

i friend anyone thats online or neww so don't get scared from my friend rquest

i love undertale a lot... trying to save up to play deltarune rn!!! <33 and object shows!!! (ying and yang are my sillys...) an law of talos (KARL IS SO SILLY!!!)

DNI rcta, craig_the_vampire (you know why./srs)/neg, regular dni stuff

mlm and trans!!

and if you want a really active undertale server here :

you should totally be my friend i'm so interesting :3 /hj


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